Wenckus Energy Projects

Below please find listings of key Wenckus Energy projects from 1978 to the present.

2021 Completed a comprehensive report due diligence for potential acquisition of 4 hydro stations

2020 Wrote unit inspection procedures and conducted field condition assessment of  (7) 100-year-old hydro units

2019 Provided quality assureance and inspection of a 55 MW Hydro Unit rewind & turbine upgrade

2016 Technical Advisory to reassemble an overhauled double horizontal Allis Chalmers Hydro Turbine

2016 Condition assessment, planning and outage support for a 2 jet vertical Pelton Turbine

2016 Specifications, planning, and execution of annual inspections of a 10 MW vertical Kaplan Turbine

2016 Specifications to furnish and  install a new Kaplan Hydroelectric Unit and Auxiliary Equipment

2016 Troubleshooting and rectify bearing heating situation on a 4.2 MW vertical Pelton Turbine

2015 Troubleshooting of vibration incidents on a 220" vertical Kaplan which was rectified by total unit alignment

2015 Provided Condition Assessment and Supervised Disassembly of a 1934 vintage double Francis unit

2015 Performed  due diligence on a 2 unit vertical Francis hydroelectric plant built in 1912

2015 Provided application engineering on 2 Vertical Francis and 1 Kaplan hydro units

2014 Technical assistance to troubleshoot and re-align a Kingsbury bearing retrofit

2014 Commissioned 2 new vertical Francis Turbine/Generators retrofit into an existing USACE Pittsburg District dam

2013 Provided startup and commissioning direction for a 7XA Voith vertical Kaplan turbine

2013 Troubleshoot an overheating Kaplan oil head on a vertical Kaplan hydroturbine

2013 Supervised a 175 MW Francis runner replacement and startup for American Hydro

2013 Conducted cavitation assessment of a 175 MW Francis Turbine in Chile

2013 Supervised complete oil change on a 216” 4XA Kaplan Turbine & governor

2012 Project manager and technical advisor on a complete Kaplan turbine Replacement unit

2011 Supervised field machining of stay ring and reassembly of a Francis Turbine in NY

2010 Startup & commissioning of 2 Vertical hydro units

2009 Supervised overhaul of 2 Vertical Francis Leffel hydro units

2008 Performed Francis turbine/generator assessment in Michigan

2008 Wrote Generator Rewind Specification for a 1.3 MW vertical generator

2008 Wrote turbine refurbishment specification for a 93” SMS Kaplan hydroturbine

2008 Researched data on 2 separate old developments for potential present day development

2007 Served as Expert witness for hydro refurbishment collection matter - Ulmer & Berne Law Firm

2007 Conducted troubleshooting of a flooded main turbine bearing on a 216” 4XA vertical Kaplan hydraulic turbine.                         Disassembly, clean, inspect, repair and reassembly.

2007 Perform Upgrade audit for 2 replacement runners in Alaska

2007 Site Engineer - Clean, Inspect & Quality Assessment of a 300 MW Motor/Generator

2007 Spearheaded complete lubrication change for a 216” 4XA Kaplan hydro turbine

2007 Provide Engineering: Review drawings, specifications and factory reports for a new vertical Kaplan
          hydraulic turbine and generator eventually installed in Ontario, Canada.

2006 Completed specification development and implementation for a new Kaplan hydro turbine and
          generator replacement in Canada

2006   Technical lead to inspect, remove, vendor QA, and reassembly of gate servomotors on a 216" vertical Kaplan

2005 Site supervisor to disassemble & reassemble 3 vertical Pelton units 

2003 Site supervisor on reassembly of 2 - 216” upgraded Francis runners for American Hydro

2003 Troubleshoot a bearing sleeve and operation of a vertical Kaplan hydroturbine in VA

2003 Contractor and Site manager for the inspection and re-alignment of 2-216” vertical Kaplan turbine/generators

2003 Provided installation advisory of 2 Seagull horizontal units for American Hydro Corp.

2002 Inspection and assessment of a flooded 1.2 Mw horizontal tube turbines for city planning

2002 Inspect, troubleshoot and report condition assessment of an S. Morgan Smith quadruplex unit

2002 Troubleshooting of a single vertical Francis unit to recommend remedial work on excesive run out, high temps. &                    misalignment.

2002 Wrote Operations, Maintenance & Startup Manuals- MA Waterworks, Cosgrove

2001 Due diligence study for Lyons Falls, Gouldtown and Kosterville hydroelectric plants.

2001 Provided supervision and labor to partially disassemble & specify remedial scope on a 36” Leffel hydroturbine

2001 Performed a feasibility study to develop a hydro plant on an existing dam in NC

2001 Project manager to convert 3 Francis units & station service from 50 Hz to 60 Hz

2001 Instructor for Operations and Maintenance training session in Seattle, WA

2001 Performed due diligence & report for purchase of Curtis & Palmer Hydro Stations, TransCanada

2001 Wrote the complete specification to provide a model test and 3 Francis upgrades for Avista Corp.

2000 Performed supervision, technical direction on cavitation repair a 100” Francis runner for OPG

2000 Supervised reassembly of a 15 Mw vertical propeller unit in Ontario

2000 Re-design of a vertical thrust roller bearing to a Babbitt thrust bearing for Reiss International

2000 Instructor for Hydroelectric Operations and Maintenance course, Seattle, WA

2000 Troubleshoot a 5 bladed horizontal tube turbine in NY

1999 Unit assessment & write technical specifications to refurbish a 45° incline Kaplan hydroturbine

1999 Performed inspection of a 1,000 hp speed increaser and provided service consulting integration

1999  Supervised complete reassembly of a 16mw Francis hydro Unit at Smoky Falls Plant

1999 Supervised cavitation repair and outflow vent inspection on a 100” Francis runner for Ontario Power

1999 Stationary alignment for a 100” vertical Francis hydro turbine

1999 Inspected shop run out and assessment of a Francis turbine shaft for Siemens Westinghouse

1998 Consultant to inspect, troubleshoot and measure outflow vents on a Francis hydroturbine for CMP

1998 Instructor for Hydro Turbine-Generator O&M course, Seattle, WA

1997 Performed a rehabilitation audit for 5 hydro units at USACE Garrison Plant

1997 Consultant to field machine LP rotors on a 1300MW steam turbine for In Place Machine Co.

1996 Generated a comprehensive business growth plan for In Place Machining Co. Milwaukee, WI.

1996 Consultant for the onsite rewind of a 100mw Motor Generator at Muddy Run pump storage

1996 Performed application engineering and site audit for jet flow gate upgrades, Hoover Dam USBR

1996 Performed LP turbine inspection on 166 MW AC steam turbine

1996 Consultant for a 200mw steam turbine upgrade, Siemens Power Corp., Milwaukee, WI.

1996 Service Sales Manager during the largest hydro generator rewinds in the world, USBR Grand Coulee
          Dam, (825 MVA water cooled generator windings and fabrication of a new stator and lifting beam)

1996 Lead services to rewind rotors and replace retaining rings on 2 GE frame 7s for Puget Power

1996 Secured a contract to rewind 4 GE frame 7 rotors for Portland General Electric

1996 Procured a multiple unit rewind for 3-120mw GE turbo rotors for Nevada Power Company 1996 Lead negotiations to             secure Siemens’ first digital static exciter contract for fossil unit in the U.S.

1995 Assisted with adaptation inspection of a Westinghouse BB-72 LP turbine, Pacificorp, Naughton Plant

1995 Lead procurement efforts to upgrade 10- 54MW hydro generators for the USACOE, Bonneville Plant

1994 Developed and managed customer base, in 25 states, for Siemens' re-entry into U.S. hydro market

1994 Assisted in procurement to upgrade 4- 31 MW hydro-generators for the USACOE, Dardanelle Plant

1993 Developed specs to replace double Francis integral runner crown/shaft WWP, Little Falls 1992 Devised distributor                    section installation of a 90” Francis unit, Niagara Mohawk School Street Station

1991 Performed unit audit, proposed repairs and managed shop rehabilitation of a 3.5m Kaplan turbine

1989 Manufacturing management of hydro turbine rehab and upgrades for Winnipeg Hydro, Niagara
          Mohawk, Newfoundland L&P, Northeast Utilities, Central Vermont Public Service, Synergics, Imperial Irrigation                         District, International Paper and various other owner/operators.

1987 Provided on site supervision, safety, and quality assurance for rehabilitation of a 232” eye diameter pump turbine and            250 MVA motor/generator for City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Water & Power, Castaic Plant.

1987 Technical Director to install 2 new 3.2m tube turbines for City of Kaukauna, Combined Locks Station

1986 Managed installation of New Kvaerner Francis turbine for Monterey Water Agency Lake Nacmiento

1986 Managed installation of New Kvaerner single jet Pelton for Solar Research, Lower Camp Creek Plant

1985 Managed the installation of 2 Axel Johnson Kaplan units retrofit into a 75 year old dam

1985 Designed Kaplan servo stabilizer and managed through production manufacturing and installation

1985 Managed installation of a Pit Kaplan at Valley Falls Hydro

1984 Managed installation of the first two (2) Pit Kaplans in the United States

1984 Managed installation of 2 - 3.2m New AJEC tube turbines

1983 Managed installation of a 3.2m New AJEC tube turbine, Wisconsin Public Service, Merrill Hydro

1983 Supervised retrofit of runner crown cavitation suppressor, Owyhee Irrigation District, Owyhee Plant

1983 Performed troubleshooting of an Axel Johnson cooling water pump at Salem Nuclear Station

1983 Foreman - Axel Johnson Engineering Semi Kaplan Turbine

1982 Lead millwright; set drive equipment - 2200 ft. coal conveyor for ARCO, Black Thunder Mine, WY

1981 Millwright, installing coal handling equipment at Wyodak, Clovis Point, Bel Air, NERCO mines in WY

1980 Formed and placed concrete, installed drives on a $50 MD expansion for Sun Oil’s Cordero mine, WY

1979 Formed & placed concrete - coal handling on coal fired driers, IMC bentonite mine Colony, WY

1979 Structural fabrication and assembly remodeling bentonite crushers, mills and driers for IMC, WY

1978 Assisted with erection of structural steel and repair of bucket conveyors at Black Hills P&L for L&T Fabrication

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